About Us

Canopus Consulting is an architecture consulting firm specialising in large scale software architecture designs. We create patentable, significant IP for our clients. Over the last 7 years, we have designed several cutting edge high performance platforms for our clients. Our unique ability lies in being able to envision a product’s long term roadmap, convert it into an architecture blue print, develop a set of core frameworks and transfer these to the technical teams of our clients.

A small but multi-dimensional team of technocrats, architects, polyglot framework programmers, data scientists, we have been able to create very high value with extremely low costs in building cutting edge architectures.

We have worked across multiple industry domains and with a range of technologies including the new generation NoSQL and JavaScript based stacks, .Net and J2EE platforms and open source stacks. Our expertise covers web scale content management, distributed transaction systems, BI and data analytics and semantic and collaborative computing.

Why Canopus Consulting?

We have unique experience of working with research institutions, product engineering companies, technology startups and services companies. We bring to you a combination of business perspectives, technology depth and implementation details. We have a proven track record of developing successful ultra-large scale systems faster and at 1/3 of the typical development costs.

Key People

Nagaraju Pappu

Founder and Chief Architect. Technocrat with over 23 years of experience in ground-up platform and product engineering. Thought leaders in large scale architecture design. Has deep expertise in Internet Scale Data Architectures, High Performance Transaction Processing. He has held research positions at IIT-Kanpur; worked as CTO of technology companies and been a senior programmer at Oracle and Fujitsu. He has authored 6 patents.

Satish Sukumar

Co-founder and Enterprise Architect. He has over 21 yrs of experience in software development and architecture projects for Indian & US companies. He has been a business division head, architect and designer of systems, program and project manager, technology and solution evangelist and systems implementer.

Ferozuddin Sheikh

An experienced technology leader and an architect. During his 15 years in the IT industry, has designed and built ultra large scale systems, co-founded and led technology driven products and worked with VCs in Silicon Valley and India for strategic investment and M&A. He is a polyglot programmer, hands on and at ease with different languages and technology stacks including MEAN, Java/J2EE, .Net, C++ and PHP.


We hold several patents in real time search engines, financial and banking platforms, BPM and Enterprise Management and Natural Language Processing.


We are a small but multi-dimensional team of technocrats, architects, polyglot framework programmers, and data scientists. We specialize in creating cutting edge architectures that deliver very high value with extremely low costs of ownership.