Canopus Consulting is a group of world class Software Architects. We work as a group of freelance consultants bringing rich experience to our clients and customers.

We have over 60 years of experience building large scale software systems. We are experts at designing product line architectures, large scale transaction driven distributed systems, high performance real time event driven systems.

We practice architecture as a series of iterative design. We bring a thorough understanding of systems thinking, platform design, semantic networks, application management and application security to the work we do.

We work with engineering teams and take genuine pleasure in solving problems in the most efficient way possible. For us at Canopus, performance is not an option!

Feroz Sheikh

Feroz has over 15 years of software architecture, R&D, design and programming experience in India and with international customers. He is a polyglot programmer who uses multiple languages and environments including J2EE, .Net, PHP and C++. He has conducted several workshops.

Satish Sukumar

Satish Sukumar has over 21 years of software architecture, development and infrastructure management experience in India and with international customers. He combines software system architecture, infrastructure management and team leadership skills. He is a speaker at several prominent conferences.

Nagaraju Pappu

Nagaraju Pappu has over 23 years of research, architecture, design and implementation experience both in US and in India. He is an authority on cultural informatics and the semantic web. In addition to developing enterprise architecture, Nagaraju teaches full semester courses at IIT-Kanpur and IIIT – Hyderabad. He has several publications to his credit. He is a speaker at prominent industry conferences.