Consulting Practice Areas

We focus on researching and solving large scale problems. Over the years we have build a significant amount of intellectual property, ready to use design frameworks and expertise in a few areas:

  1. Product and Platforms Engineering
  2. Content Management, Semantic and Collaborative Computing
  3. Large Scale Transaction processing systems
  4. Cloud computing and web-scale system design
  5. Data analytics, business intelligence and enterprise performance management

We leverage our expertise and IP in these areas to deliver highly effective consulting services.

Semantic and collaborative computing

Canopus Consulting has developed several large scale content management systems across various domains such as financial services information, education, news and community portals.

Platform and Product Engineering

We have developed a system of design to build large scale platforms with guaranteed quality attributes. This system conslidates our experience on the design of architecture, design techniques, quality engineering practices, establishing high performance development environments and mechanisms of communication of architecture.