Case Studies

Large Scale Email Engine

We designed and implemented a very large scale, web based email-engine system for a media company in India. The design objectives that the system delivered were:

Support a very large user base – the initial system was designed to support up to 20 Million users with an average mail-box size of 2GB
Stringent performance and throughput requirements […]

Real Time Financial Search Engine

Nagaraju Pappu of Canopus Consulting worked as the chief architect of Vhayu Technologies and was responsible for the architecture and design of Vhayu’s Real Time Search Technology. When we started working on this project, the problem definition was very simple. We are asked to design a search engine for stock market data – a system […]

Integrate architecture driven methodologies into project management

Integrate architecture driven methodologies into project management effectively and smoothly
Service offerings:
Enterprise Architecture Services for Technology services companies
Case reference:
The next generation banking platform, the data aggregation solution as well as the Ports and Logistics management applications we developed at Planetasia serve as good examples of architecture driven development integrated into a classical CMM […]

Create long term platform and product roadmaps

Create long term platform and product roadmaps for product engineering companies
Service offerings:
Architecture services for product companies
Product Roadmaps at VGSI and an International Bank
We created a multi-year product and platform roadmap for both Veloz Global Solutions and for an international bank that serves as the basis for product evolution. The multi-dimensional roadmap addressed the […]

Communicate the architecture and design to programming teams effectively

Communicate the architecture and design to programming teams effectively by simplifying the complexities of domain and architecture
Service offerings:
Architecture and design reviews Performance engineering, data engineering and large scale system design Enterprise architecture services
A platform for Application Management
Microland is establishing a platform for application management and for the […]

Case study on architecture quality at the design stage

Establish the quality of architecture at the design stage – thus reduce testing times by an order of magnitude
Related Service offerings:
Creating architecture blueprints and roadmaps Enterprise architecture services
Large Scale E-mailing and Communications engine
The challenge was to build a very large scale e-mail engine that can […]

Systems designed by Satish Sukumar

Satish Sukumar has designed and developed large scale systems across domains such as education, high-tech manufacturing, logistics, financial services and real-estate. These systems have been developed on a variety of technologies and platforms including J2EE, Microsoft .Net and Open Source technologies.

Systems Designed by Nagaraju Pappu

over the last 18 years Nagaraju Pappu has designed and developed several large scale high performance systems such as a real time financial search engine, a large scale email engine, an enterprise performance management platform and a banking platform for an international bank.