Technical Articles

A Systems Model of Diagnosis – application of heuristics in diagnosis

Diagnosis is one of the toughest problem solving exercises – be it diagnosing problems in a complex software application, or diagnosing a disease. The medical discipline and the software engineering adopted two very different approaches to diagnosis. The medical science over a period of several decades came up with many diagnostic equipment, various procedures for […]

Principles and Techniques of Software Architecture – Language Interfaces

Almost all successful software systems provide a programming language as their main interface. Relational Databases provide SQL as the primary interface to the data management, Unix was very successful primarily because of the C programming language interface, networking protocols like TCP/IP, messaging products and applications like POP3, IMAP were all successful because of their simple […]

A real world application of collaborative computing

In this paper, we describe the ‘semantics’ of collaborative computing, a philosophical explanation of Web2.0, propose a semantic model of users and then go on to apply this model to create a model for delivering distance education. If you are interested in implementing this as a business model – please let us know. We can […]

What is wrong with the Indian Software Industry?

Dr. Vasudeva Varma published a paper that described the main factors that contributed to the phenomenal growth of the Indian Software Industry. In this paper, Vasu studied one of the largest and most successful software companies in India, interviewed many top people in the organization to understand the factors behind their success, how they started […]