Consulting Services

Canopus Consulting helps in bridging the gap between management vision, the domain of architectural and functional complexity and the coding/programming terms that developers can work with. We simplify architecture driven development at all dimensions. We deliver our consulting services to our customers across three types of engagements:


These engagements typically last for over a year. We work closely with the client organization and perform the function of the CTO or Chief Architect and mentor. While the assignments are open-ended from a time perspective, they are structured as a series of deliverables that we accomplish along with the team from the client organization. Long term engagements include the following services:

  • Product and Platform Engineering – We take ownership of product/platform engineering for our clients and function as their CTO. We help in creating a roadmap and vision for the product/platform and in the realization of the vision by setting up the engineering team, designing the architecture and leading the team in developing and rolling out the product or platform.
  • Architect Mentoring Program – We mentor the client’s architects and engineering team and in the process establish software architecture artifacts and create visibility for architecture within the organization. We work with groups of people using problems from their own projects to impart specialized knowledge, problem solving, and design and architecture skills..


These engagements typically span a 6-12 week duration. They are packaged offerings based on our expertise and have well defined deliverables and time frames. Short term engagements include:

  • Outsourced Architecture Design – We design the architecture for large scale enterprise systems for a client using our intellectual property as well as industry standard frameworks. We deliver the architecture, documented using industry standards and train the client’s team on implementation of the architecture..
  • Specialized Project Execution – We co-develop specific projects with a client’s engineering team. These are typically projects where the client team requires specialized skills to develop the software. We design the architecture, and bring our own team of super-skilled programmers to solve such problems, who work alongside the client teams for the implementation.
  • Performance Evaluation & Engineering – We undertake a thorough performance and scalability review for existing software systems. We design scalability scenarios, develop test plans and drivers and analyze the system’S performance and scalability characteristics. We identify potential hotspots and suggest remedial measures.
  • Architecture Reviews & Due-Diligence – We review the existing architecture and design for client’s software systems, products and platforms using industry standard methodologies. The reviews focus on the quality attributes of the system such as Performance, Reliability and Supportability. We also conduct technology due-diligence exercises, especially on behalf of potential investors.. These reviews present the strengths and weaknesses of the architecture, the team, engineering processes, roadmaps and management..


These engagements are structured workshops delivered for the specific needs of a client organization. They are based on our intellectual property and a library of architecture and design techniques that have been refined for over a decade. The  workshops use case studies that are specific to the client organization and nature of work. These include:

  • Advanced Software Architecture Workshop Series – The workshop covers advanced topics in the design of software architecture, dealing with quality attributes, problem solving, documenting and communicating software architectures.
  • Product Lines and Systems Thinking Workshops – The workshop covers topics in systems thinking, understanding platform oriented architectures, and how to design and build software product lines.
  • Web 3.0 and Semantic Web – The workshop addresses the use of semantic web concepts and technologies within enterprises, understanding technologies such as RDF, OWL and SPARQL and building collaborative applications.

Architecture Reviews and Due-DIligence

We engage with our customers to review the architecture, design and implementation of existing software systems. Architecture reviews are typically aimed at assessing the quality attributes of the system, for example, if the architecture enables performance and scalability or has issues with modularity. To identify the Performance bottlenecks and scalability issues with the design. Similarly, […]

Performance Evaluation and Engineering

We engage with our clients to do an evaluation of the performance and scalability of existing software systems. These evaluations are both diagnostic as well as prognostic in nature. Diagnostic evaluations are often used to troubleshoot specific performance issues associated with the system while the prognostic evaluations assist in capacity planning and benchmarking. Performance evaluations […]

Specialized Project Execution

We engage with clients to solve specific problems bringing in multi-platform development, problem solving and architecture design skills. These are often problems that require a special skill which may not be present in the client’s team such as using a new technology area, specific frameworks, or algorithms/complex programs. We co-develop such projects and work with […]

Outsourced Architecture Design

We engage with the enterprise clients in designing the architecture for large scale software systems. The trigger for the engagement is either the development of a new system or the re-architecture of an existing system within the enterprise.
Engagement Model
The engagement is typically over a 4-6 month timeframe. The starting point is a requirement specification created by […]

Workshop: Unlocking the Semantic Web for Enterprise Apps

Building a Web 3.0 application today, an architect needs to “THINK” like Web 3.0. What is it that makes a web 3.0 application – and how can it be leveraged in building new age enterprise systems. This workshop aims at presenting and discussing the concepts, techniques & tools/technologies that can be leveraged to build new […]

Workshop: Advanced Software Architecture

We offer several high end workshops and training programs covering systems architecture, design, platform development, software product lines, quality engineering and data/component modeling.

Product and Platform Engineering

We lead product/platform engineering for product companies, technology services companies or enterprises with a product engineering focus. We have helped our customers develop intellectual property that has lead to a significant increase in their valuation.
Engagement Model
These are typically long-term, multi-year engagements. We work as a consulting Architect or CTO for the client, articulate the roadmap for […]

Architect Mentoring Program

The last five years has brought a lot of focus on architecture especially within the technology services industry. Knowledge of architecture is now a must in all areas of service delivery – from responding to a proposal to the day to day execution that is part of project delivery. The architect plays several important roles […]