Canopus Consulting has over 70 years of combined experience in the development of large scale software systems. Our unique ability lies in being able to envision a product’s long term roadmap, quickly convert it into an architecture blue print, develop core frameworks and equip our client’s technical teams to realize the architecture.
We have significant expertise and intellectual property in the areas of enterprise architecture design, systems engineering and building design platforms and software products. We have worked across multiple industry domains and technology platforms.
Our areas of expertise are summarized in the table below:

Enterprise Architecture


Architecture driven development Systems thinking models
Techniques for performance engineering Formal methods of problem solving
Techniques for quality engineering Large scale data engineering
Agile techniques and integration with process methodologies Availability, Performance, Reliability and Security Design



Banking and financial services Microsoft .Net
Education Technologies J2EE – commercial and open source
Software product engineering NoSQL, MEAN stacks and Web-scale technologies
Business intelligence Web services
Enterprise performance management Application fabrics
Social and collaborative computing ETL and enterprise data integration

Reviews and due diligence

Systems Engineering

Product and technology from M&A perspective Architecture Design for supportable systems
Design, architecture and development methodology Increase the longevity of the system by reducing the complexity

We teach full semester courses in institutes like IIT-Kanpur and IIIT-Hyderabad. We mentor architects and conduct public and corporate workshops on a variety of subjects like Architecture, General Design, Systems thinking, Semantic networks and collaborative computing.

We are also developing MOOCs on Software Architecture, Cloud Computing, Data Sciences and Advanced Java.